One-to-one computer tuition

Don’t know how to back up your phone or use Skype? Contact Pc/Laptop Sales, Repairs & Tuition for computer tuition if you are in Belper, Derby or surrounding areas.

Please do give me call, any enquiry large or small is welcomed

Tailored home PC tuition

I offer one-to-one computer tuition in your home. Just let me know which areas you’d like to learn about. From help with the basics, through to setting up your new computer, no question is too simple. I can even leave written instructions for when I’m not there. Contact me to discuss your exact needs.

Teaching in a friendly and jargon-free language

I offer tuition in easy to understand, jargon-free language so that my students can learn what they want to learn. It is a real pleasure to see a person improve their knowledge and skills and start to use their equipment with confidence. Contact me for details.

My computer tuition covers:

– Help with the basics
– Data back-up
– Using the internet and sending emails
– How to use Skype and other common applications
– How to setup and use a printer
– Data transfer from a phone or tablet to your PC and vice- versa

My computer tuition covers:

– Help with the basics
– Data back-up
– Using the internet and sending emails
– How to use Skype and other common applications
– How to setup and use a printer
– Data transfer from a phone or tablet to your PC and vice- versa

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computer tuition

I’m very happy with Jeremy’s services. A very courteous gentleman who explained what he was doing every step of the way. I definitely recommend him.

Valerie M

Jeremy identified the problem with my laptop and rectified it within a very short amount of time, for a very reasonable fee.
I was very pleased with the result and would have no hesitation in recommending him!

Chris Lewis-Jones

Jeremy provided a very quick and efficient repair of my laptop. Fairly priced too. Excellent communication, a fantastic service

Pete Stevenson

Jeremy provided a prompt, friendly, and professional service when my MacBook required a replacement battery. He was quick to respond to my initial query, and completed the task to a high standard – keeping me informed at all times of the job status, and offering some excellent IT advice and suggestions, too. Most recommended.

Keith Marten

Jeremy is efficient and knowledgeable. As a self-employed person it’s really reassuring to have someone available to help with IT issues that are beyond my capacity. I would highly recommend him

Emma Harper

6 out 5 stars! Extremely helpful, clear instructions and a pleasant person to deal with.
From an 84 year-old.

Margaret Tadman

Really helpful and professional service!!!!
I needed the WiFi hardware fixing on my computer. Called Jeremy and was able to take it round the same day. He had it fixed within a week and was a fraction of the cost that apple were trying to charge me. Absolutely chuffed and would highly recommend.

Matt Storer

Very happy with the work jeremy did for me. I had issues with 2 laptops and a printer. Jeremy had my issues resolved in less than 24hrs. This included a visit to my property. Great work.

Sean kinder

Jeremy helped me to sort out some very daunting IT issues and taught me how to do things myself. Very satisfied with his service. Thank you.

Julie Dye

The most efficient, courteous, patient person I’ve ever met. Would highly recommend to everybody.

Sally Stone

I contacted Jeremy for help with a computer. I had some idea of what might help to resolve my problem. Jeremy confirmed that my solution may work. I had arranged a time with Jeremy for me to take my computer to him. I subsequently cancelled my appointment with him. He was understanding of my cancellation. He did not charge me for his time talking with me. He was a respectful friendly helpful person not just focused on making money from me.
He is a knowledgeable computer repairman. I highly recommend him.


Nigel Lawrence Brooks

Very knowledgable, and speedy return of my MacBook!

Sarah James

Great service. Highly recommended.

Rodney Wilkes

My office PC was so slow at the farm that I was watching TV to the side of the computer whilst I was waiting for it to work!
Now Jeremy has speeded it up with a faster hard drive it is like the wind! He also phoned BT and setup my mini hub properly and my internet speed has gone up from 3.5 megabits per second to 50 megabits per second!!
Jeremy has done a great job, put up with the dust and untidiness of the farm office and I recommend his services to everyone. I’ll be back.

Anne Faulkner

Jeremy has fixed our family laptop on two occasions. He always offers good advice to help you decide if it’s worth repairing or not. I would recommend Jeremy, he’s very experienced and provides a professional service, thanks Jeremy.

Rachaell Sarosi

Fixed my daughter’s iPad after she dropped it on holiday.

Jeremy offered great advice and ensured it was fixed using the best quality parts in an efficient and convenient time!

Thanks Jeremy! She can go back to staring at a screen now!

Shaun Bunting

Excellent painstaking service with positive outcomes.

Jeff Wycnh

Jeremy sorted our old PC which was in a terrible way, hardly anything worked by this stage but Jeremy cleared it all of problems and installed an SSD.

It now opens up and works very quickly and all for a reasonable price.

Highly recommended.

Mark Jones

Jeremy is absolutely great. He dealt brilliantly with all my different technology problems in a highly efficient and kindly way. His expertise ability and patience is second to none.

Una Hawsworth

I found Jeremy very helpful and honest. The problem with my computer was that I thought it wasn’t booting up but there was nothing wrong with it. I was just leaving his premisis he waved me down to tell me this. He could of easily kept it for a day and made up a problem and charged me £100 but he didn’t! Honesty is the best policy!

Doug Roworth

Fantastic service,

Jeremy came to our home within an hour to sort out some security issues on our Mac.

There was lots of helpful advice and patience.

We found his pricing to be very fair and would recommend his services to our friends

A true gentleman

Helen Holmes

Jeremy is well informed and listens to the clients needs. We felt that he was patient and helpful with us both. He explained when we were uncertain and was happy to repeat explanations when we were still not sure. An excellent service at a reasonable price.

Susan Brice

Jeremy was recommended to me by a friend and the service I received was absolutely first class. Revived my old tower system to compete with the modern world. Very knowledgeable, Friendly, and polite. Very reasonably priced and a quick turnaround. Fantastic all round service. Will most certainly use him again and recommend him should the need arise

James North

5***** Thank you Jeremy!
I could not thank him enough.
Quick to reply, proffessional and got the problem sorted quickly!

Lois Dalton

My laptop had a blank screen and I had no idea what was wrong with it. I decided to contact Jeremy after doing a Google search for local computer repairers and thought his reviews looked good. I was able to bring my laptop to him the same day, and 2 days later it was fixed ready for collection, even though I had said it wasn’t urgent! Jeremy also cleaned up the software and added more RAM, for a reasonable price. Very happy with the laptop now. It has a new lease of life when I had feared it was irreparable.

Rebecca Rochford

I had several issues with my DELL P.C. I contacted Jeremy who acted very promptly and soon had his expert eye on the various issues. All issues were identified quickly and resolved. Jeremey kept me informed at every stage of the process. In summary highly professional, knowledgeable and honest. I can highly recommend this company “Charlie Poole Art & Photography”

Charlie Poole Art & Photography

Laptop problem (wouldn’t load anything) taken to Jeremy Thursday afternoon. Problem diagnosed by the evening and after giving the go ahead I collected it Friday afternoon. Now so much quicker and up to date, and cleaned externally. Thoroughly recommend.

Alan Keen

I had problems with my computer not charging properly, and losing charge too quickly when in use. I took it in to Jeremy who checked it, took details, and ordered a replacement battery – he found the existing battery (which my son had fitted a couple of years ago,) was in poor condition.
He ordered a new one just before Christmas, but the company sent the right battery with the wrong fittings, so back to square 1. Visited today and he fitted the new battery for me , but the charging light wouldn’t come on even though the screen showed it was charging. I hoping for successful resolution, but think there’s a bit more work to do in rescuing the machine, but I’m staying with Jeremy as he clearly knows what he is doing. He has been courteous and clear throughout, down to earth and accommodating. Watch this space.

Jonathon Hemingray

I hadn’t used Jeremy’s services before but knew I’d seen Apple repairs advertised somewhere in Belper, on searching, his name came up so I got in touch. His reply was immediate from an automated inbox, saying he was busy but would be in touch shortly. Within the hour I had an answer to my question and a way forward at a very reasonable cost. We dropped our Mac off the following day and 48 hours later we were up and running again, as good as new! Jeremy is very honest and his prices are very reasonable; our main concern was handing our computer, that we use for our online banking, over to a stranger so trustworthiness was essential for our peace of mind. We would not hesitate to use his services again, we can highly recommend him. Thank you Jeremy.

Joy Walsh

My PC suddenly stopped working, and having a big workload I was desperate to have it fixed in a timely manner. I saw Jeremy’s page on the Derbyshire Trusted Trader website. I left my PC with Jeremy. He got back in touch within 24 hours and I was able to collect it, working beautifully and much faster. I now intend to have Jeremy out a couple of times a year to maintain my computer, which is great, because I have no knowledge or inclination to learn about tech, I simply don’t have time! Since the original job he has paid me a visit and resolved an internet connection issue I had. He’s a very friendly, knowledgeable chap and I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Keith Griffiths

My 4 year old Delll tower began telling me it’s hard drive was failing, a couple of e-mails and a phone call to Jeremy had me dropping my tower off with him at approx. 09:30 one morning, mid morning my phone rang and Jeremy talked me through the options for fixing it, Jeremy took great lengths to explain what would be best for me and my needs in a no pressure, easy to understand way, advising me of costs at every step of the way, I gave the go ahead for the repair to be carried out and a couple of hours later my phone rang again to tell me it was done, working perfectly and ready for collection!!

I can’t fault Jeremy and the service he provides and would happily recommend him to anyone looking for computer repairs

Tim Brown

Pleased with Jeremy’s help to install my new laptop,
He explained things properly in a way I could understand and I found him friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.
Also pleased with the prompt same day service I received ,and on both visits Jeremy came exactly when he said he would so I had no annoying waiting around.
I will use this company in future and am quite happy to recommend to others!

Dean Adcock

I would definitely recommend Jeremy. He was very quick to reply to my enquiry and he sorted out my laptop problem super quick. Thank you

Dianne Davies

Thank you very much indeed for speeding up my computer which has made a huge difference. Jeremy was accessible, helpful and most importantly understandable to my many computer questions. I will definitely be back again and very much recommend him.

Brian Cain

I had an issue with my iPad which kept disconnecting from the internet. Jeremy identified the issue and fixed the problem. A great help, at a reasonable cost. Would definitely use again.

Phil Weetman

My Imac was running extremely slow. I took it to Jeremy who changed the drive and now my computer is running substantially faster.I would recommend Jeremy for any type of computer work.

phil joyner

For some years now I have used Jeremy’s services, having found that as extreme age leaves technology lagging yet more, so a vibrant skill like his is ever more useful. Nor is his skill limited to the technology itself, for he has no fear of the evil forces working these days to cause so much distress to us all. So that an email fraudster who says that he gets all of your emails and will post vile things about you unless you pay … Jeremy first dismisses, then with another key click, reports as (a ‘phisher’). Never to be heard from again.

At a more workaday level, however, Jeremy is swift to understand difficulties. ‘Links’ and so on, and interfering pop-ups, he dispels, cutting through declarations like, ‘this cannot be done’, until moments later, the requirement is not only done, but signed and sealed for the future.

As for the method of doing things, something as vital as regularly backing-up work done (and time spent!), or making a PDF from a Word document, (not least explaining such terms as PDF), Jeremy takes you through the process until he sees that you have it mastered, then monitors you through it, doing so with a patience that takes into account technical duffers as thick as yours truly.

Then there is the matter of supplying equipment, both physical items, like laptops, and programmes of every sort: I’d be very surprised to find any other tutor/dealer who could supply them at such reasonable terms.

But with the whole field, trust is vital, and in that I have time and again found Jeremy cannot be faulted.

Whether it’s to instruct you in the basics, or delve into the most arcane areas of computing, I can without fear or favour, recommend Jeremy to anyone out there.

Pat Cunningham

My PC was operating very slow, so I decided to contact a local PC engineer and have my computer repaired. Having checked out several PC engineer reviews, Jeremy seemed to tick all the box’s for me and was my obvious choice. Contacting someone you have never met before may be a daunting task and also a worry. However, having spoken with Jeremy I needed not to have been concerned. I explained the problem with my computer and was asked to take it to him for an initial inspection. I left my computer with Jeremy so he could run some tests to find out what was causing the problem. Jeremy contacted me the very next day and said he found and fixed the problem and my computer was ready for collection. Whilst I was there Jeremy was very helpful in providing me with some PC tuition which was very much appreciated. I can certainly recommend Jeremy, he has many years of experience in repairing computers and providing an excellent customer service at very reasonable rates.
Many thanks Jeremy.


I would highly recommend Jeremy. He was very quick to reply to my initial enquiry. Communication is great and he sorted out my laptop super quick. Thank you


I phoned Jeremy to see if he could help out with my laptop which was crawling along and I’d virtually given up using as it was too frustrating. He had been recommended, so I was happy to proceed with an enquiry. He answered the phone immediately with a friendly manner and I visited him later that day. I found him to be in control of diagnosing problems with my laptop and he suggested an upgrade would sort the problems out. Most things were rectified the same day and just had to wait for a replacement part. He has put me a help sheet on the desktop and gave me a demo of how to do a back-up. I found his tuition skills very good. I’m here using my laptop and it seems like new! I can recommend Jeremy if you need a speedy, efficient service.

Sandra Hunt

Great service! Set up new laptop and explained everything in doing so! Would definitely recommend

Kirsteen Farrar

Jeremy is brilliant, fast and efficient. He is also very fair in his costings and will never over charge. His extremely knowledgeable and really pleasant to deal with and he is definitely someone who I can trust. I will be recommending him to all my friends.

Janice Winmill

Not used Jeremy before but chose him as he was local and had excellent reviews.

Very impressed first time user. Prompt response to the call with excellent communication and attendance to sort out the problem with my I Mac system.I will definitely use again.

Andrew P

I needed access to my recently deceased mum’s laptop to access vital information but didn’t know the start up password.
Phoned Jeremy at 9.30am, dropped the computer to him at 10.30am and picked it up sorted at 1.00pm the same day. What can I say? – BRILLIANT!!

George Love

Called Jeremy about some problems I was having with the computer. He was clear, approachable and helpful on the phone. A visit was arranged. He was punctual and clear in his explanation regarding fees and what he would be able to do. He carried out the work professionally, explaining what he was doing and why. He suggested an upgrade which would be beneficial, which we had him do. With excellent results. I would recommend him to others in computer need.

Tom Pullan

My desk top PC recently died on me and I immediately thought of Jeremy, who had helped me out before. I rather imagined that he would say that a 9 years old computer was too old to bother with, but on the contrary, he told me it was a good spec and had it repaired and returned to me within a couple of days. This meant that I did not lose any data and was back to normal as if nothing had happened. Magic! We then moved onto my second hand laptop, which did everything I wanted it to do, but veeeery slowly. More Jeremy magic: it now feels like a brand new laptop and is a delight to use. I am more than happy to recommend Jeremy, he is an absolute star!

Judith Hodges

Right from the get go, Jeremy was incredibly amiable, knowledgeable and informative and immediately instilled my confidence in his abilities to resolve my laptop issue. He gave me an concise breakdown of what would be involved, how long it would take and what it would cost so I could take some time to decide if I wanted to go ahead instead of fixing it myself. Inevitably I didn’t get round to it, but within a matter of a 2 or 3 days, the part had been ordered, fixed and was available to collect. I couldn’t be happier with Jeremy’s superb quality of service and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing advice or repairs. The added bonus is that Jeremy has a Zero Waste policy, so you can sleep comfortably knowing that you have not contributed to landfill. Thanks Jeremy!

Kate Rawson

Super professional service. Excellent communication and knowledge of requirements. Prompt responses and a superb outcome at a very acceptable price. Thank you Jeremy, I’m delighted.

Mike McCoy

Highly recommend Jeremy. Great service and very knowledgeable. Happy with the price he charged too. Always happy to help


Jeremy advised me that the new computer I had just bought was not to the spec I thought I’d purchased, this enabled me to return the device to PC world for a refund. Jeremy then took my old device and uprated it to a usable standard. Jeremy was a very pleasant person to do business with, very efficient and knowlegable. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone. Thanks Jeremy

Keith Pashley

Was quite amazed with how efficient Jeremy is . My laptop was ready for me in less than a day .

I would recommend his services anytime

Tendai Chirume

This is the second time I have used Jeremy. This time it was to replace a faulty cooling fan and generally tidy up the system to get back to a decent operating speed. Mission successful on both counts. Thanks Jeremy.

John Scotney

Jeremy was recommended by a friend – I rang Jeremy and let him have my laptop -he diagnosed problem and repaired it all within 48hrs Excellent


I first contacted Jeremy some years ago when I had a problem with my hard drive, which he sorted out very well. This time I decided that it was time for a new laptop and I asked Jeremy to source one and he came and set it all up for me and downloaded everything from my old laptop. It was a very successful and very prompt service, to be highly recommended.

Bruce Morgan

Jeremy sorted out my laptop when the hard drive broke. This time the battery seemed to be past it so I contacted Jeremy and asked him to get me a new laptop and set it up for me. This he did very promptly and efficiently, and everything seems to be going fine. Very happy to recommend him.

Bruce Saunders Morgan

A huge thank you to Jeremy for saving my unresponsive MacBook Air in just a couple of hours. Open, honest and friendly service – highly recommended.

Lucy Sarna

Again, Jeremy is able to come up with the best solutions for my IT needs. Everything provided quickly, and with very understandable IT terminology and explanation. Definitely, an excellent and human go to man for IT support.

Dorian Cross

My Zoostorm was stuck in a repair loop.
I phoned Jeremy who said he would take a look.
Within a day he had solved the problem, upgraded the hard drive and completely reset the computer.
Excellent all round service that I would not hesitate to recommend.

Julie Avies

I rang Jeremy about a problem with my Lenovo laptop. Within a few hours he’d diagnosed the problem and gave me some really good advice. His honest advice didn’t enable him to make much money from the situation. He could have done and I’d have been none the wiser!
  I found Jeremy to be a very pleasant, honest person who provides a quick, efficient and reliable service. I will definitely go back to Jeremy with any future computer issues.

Jess H

I’ve used Jeremy twice in recent weeks, and both experiences were first class. My first call was about an old Mac that was running slowly. Rather than get me to take it in, he spent time understanding the problem and gave me lots of great advice on the phone to speed the machine up (things I would never have known about). He didn’t jump straight to wanting to charge me, and in fact he didn’t! In demonstrating his knowledge he gave me confidence and trust such that I would definitely use him again. The second time was a dead external hard drive, which Jeremy diagnosed and fixed it within 24 hours for a very reasonable charge. I highly recommend Jeremy!

Andy Vallans

Brilliant service – Prompt and friendly with laptop from broken to diagnosed and fixed in a short time

Keith Lilley

Emergency Call to Jeremy at 5pm Monday. By 4pm Tuesday had new disc and extra memory fitted which enabled me to conduct Client meeting on Wednesday 3pm.
Interesting that previous repair by another company was actually part of the problem and had been quickly diagnosed by Jeremy.

Norman Vickery

Jeremy responded very quickly to my request for him to install my laptop and printer. He also wiped my old hard drive clean and took it away to be recycled – a great part of his service. He answered my very basic questions simply and patiently and I would strongly recommend him as a trusted trader.

Janet Wheatley

Our laptop was failing to boot up and after delivering it to Jeremy he phoned me after a few hours to let me know what the problem was and what he proposed for fixing the problem. By the next morning he had recovered the data, installed a new hard drive and re-copied the data back onto the laptop. Within 24 hours of giving him the laptop I had the laptop back at home fully operational again. Excellent communication throughout and five star service.

Dave Bunting

My laptop crashed during a Lenovo update. Lenovo support quoted 8 days to sort. Contacted Jeremy who was able to look at the issue within half an hour of my call and fixed the problem the same day. Cheerful, polite, and knowledgeable. Saved the day.

Mark Crowfoot

I had problems with the keypad on my laptop. Jeremy quickly found the cause of the problem and had it sorted within four days. Absolutely no fuss and he made using the service very easy. I have no hesitation in recommending Jeremy to undertake computer work. Thanks Barry

Barry Pope

This guys is great. I called to ask him he could look at my Mac book, didn’t expect him to be able to look at it for a while but no he asked me to drop it round same day I called and with an hour or so he called me to tell what what the issue is and gave me the options to fix it.. I went with a new hard drive and within another couple of hours he called to tell me it was complete and working..
what a fantastic guy and job he’s made. Prices are really good too.
This is the second time we have used him and will continue to pass his details on and use him again..
over the moon with the service and the friendlyness and professionalism from Jeremy.

Laura foulkes

My Laptop was completely useless talking it over with Jeremy I decided on repairing instead of buying new , it is now perfect and performing faster than ever would thoroughly recommend Jeremy who was quick and efficient

Alan Benfield

Really quick, efficient, friendly service. Very reassuring to rescue files from a broken device. Highly recommend!

Ruth Anness

Just a thankyou to Jeremy ,not only did he solve all my computer problems . He did it in a polite and professional manner putting up patiently with my lack of P C knowledge . I would have know hesitation recommending him and would also have know hesitation in calling on his services again
Thanks again Jeremy
Regards Alan Jones.

Mr Alan Jones

Jeremy has helped us twice with our computer/printer problems. He is always polite and frendly – & very efficient. Any problems are quickly solved. We followed his advice regarding installing a new hard drive which makes using our computer so much speedier – the difference is amazing. We would recommend him highly.

Anne Ogden

Thank you for fixing my lap top.
its now working perfectly.

Vicky Fairclough

Jeremy is the most approachable , friendly and constructive person in teaching a beginner on a lap-top . i was put at ease both before
we met , by hii

Mrs R.

PC bricked, totally dead, following a lightning strike (!). I had thought it fried but wanted to see if anything was salvageable for a new-build. Jeremy promptly fixed all of it and charged no fee beyond the already agreed diagnosis fee as he solved the issue while doing the diagnostics.

I’d thought it likely 90% scrap and ready for the bin.

Andrew Yates

Fast efficient service and hot my laptop working again within 24 hours !!
Very professional and clearly knows his trade.
Highly recommend

Nick Gourley

once again we had to call on Jeremy for assistance and he visited at short notice and transferred all data from our old laptop to our replacement laptop in very professional manner. any further problems we have with computers we will ask Jeremy for assistance. dave and susan

david sanders

Great communication quick to respond and very knowledgeable- i can’t recommend this business highly enough.

Mark Buxton

Excellent fast and efficient service
Thanks Jeremy
Would I offer my recommendation absolutely

Phill Glover

Jeremy helped us recently to replace our old and failing laptop with a new system perfect for our needs. He listened very carefully to our requirements and delivered and installed the new laptop that same day. He also repaired and upgraded our old laptop and sorted out a few issues we had for some time and had just lived with, so we now have a system well fit for 21st century computing. He is very polite, professional and efficient and his service is super quick and excellent. He is very reliable and knowledgeable and we would have no hesitation in recommending him. He will now be our first point of contact if we need IT help in the future.

Lynda Wargent

Jeremy was amazing – what an excellent service! I had spent a sleepless night worrying about a potential scam and remote control of my computer. Jeremy responded swiftly – first of all offering reassuring advice, he then conducted a thorough check of the machine, cleaned it up and installed antivirus protection – he even set up my printer. All resolved within 24 hours and now my laptop is running like a dream.. Personal service from someone who really cares about what he does – such a contrast to remote call centres and chat bots.. I cannot recommend this business highly enough.

Julia Aldridge

Our mini tower stopped working, Jeremy was very efficient in diagnosing the problem, sourced the parts and fixed the computer. He was very professional and helpful and we would not hesitate to use his services again

Tina Cooke

Jeremy sorted out a long standing problem with our laptop. It is now very fast and reliable. Great service.

Bryan Grainger

Amazing! I thought I would have to buy a new laptop but it’s been saved! 100% 5 stars!

Georgina Bean

I have been using Jeremy’s service to help me to use my computer and fix any problems for a couple of years now and I find Jeremy to be very helpful, patient and he uses plain english!
I am very happy with his service.

Ray Hart

Got my main SSD swapped for a bigger one, Stuart did it very quickly after contacting him. Very pleased with the service, friendly too! Highly recommended.

Frederic Cartier

We approached Jeremy when our laptop simply stopped working. Now it works splendidly! Thank you, Jeremy, for your help and excellent service.

Andrew Bradley

I contacted Jeremy for help with issues around sound quality when using zoom. I found him by randomly googling computer repair in the local area so felt I was taking a bit of a risk. It turned out to be a sound decision. Jeremy sorted out the problem quickly and efficiently, gave clear and concise explanations of the problem and the solution and charged a reasonable price for his work. He was professional, polite and courteous but also friendly and approachable. Jeremy will definitely be my go-to person for any IT issues in the future.


Just had both my laptops fixed, very professional service and quick turnaround. I would highly recommend, very happy.


Jeremy is excellent with IT support, I definitely would recommend him. He is very knowledgable, friendly and professional. He clearly explains what he plans to do at each stage and always keeps us informed.


Jeremy retrieved info for me on an external Hard Drive which was broken. No problems and a friendly chap to deal with.